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No Bake Nutella Balls

Have you ever been craving a chocolate home-made treat but can’t find the energy to turn on the oven, take everything out and bake?  Surprisingly… this happens to me all the time!! I obviously absolutely love getting elbow deep baking in my kitchen but I too buy break & bake toll house cookies!  I’m only human… I must admit. I had one such moment a …


Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies

I think it’s probably no secret that I love desserts and sweets but if I had to really think about what I am buying myself as a treat more than anything else: it’s always going to be something salted caramel!  It’s the epic and classic combination of sweet & salty!  Seriously though, whoever discovered it all tastes so good together should probably be the next …


5 Ingredient Double Chocolate Cookies

Happy November!! I seriously can’t believe October is over… it has been a really busy month for me at work and at times I thought I’d never make it here… but alas, I did! Looking forward to things slowing down as we get closer to the new year which of course means I can spend more time in the kitchen! What better way to kick …


THE Cookie

That’s right… it’s not just ANY Cookie we are talking here… it is THE Cookie!! Let me explain…. If I’m honest, when I found out my husband and I were moving back to Washington, I was devastated.  I had a really poor experience when we lived here 6 years ago and those memories were branded in mind as all this place could offer.  Looking back …

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